Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My fellow citizens,

It has occurred to me that an unfair shooting has happened in our great city of Detroit. Aynna Lee, age 7, was unreasonable shot by the police. When the police came to apprehend a man to joil, for some absurd reason, the police became cocky and started to shoot the house, despite warnings from a neighbor about children in the house. After realizing the shot hit a little girl, the officers rushed into the house. Shortly after, the seven year old died.

This problem can be resolved by police sticking to standard procedure. My sources have told me that the police became cocky because a TV producer was taping them for a TV show. They also threw a grenade in the home, also not standard procedure.


A concerned citizen

BP is not the way to be

Dear fellow Americans,

As you can see there has been a big and dangerous oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. There is oil all over birds. Some things have caught on fire in the water. No one can fish anymore. Fish have died and fishermen have lost their job.

People have to clean out the Gulf of Mexico. It will take a long time to clean it up. People will have to find new jobs. We should go and help try to clean it up so we can do something for the earth. That way BP will have more gas and more people can live in America.

Sincerely your friend,

Pierre V. Blanks

Problems in America

My fellow citizens,

My name is Keily Blackmon, and I am sending you this letter because I want to talk about how America has drugs and alcohol. We also have homeless people.

I want to say that smoking drugs isn’t good for us. It hurts everything around us. And it’s not good for your body. People that use drugs while driving get in car accidents and I think we should help these people. I think we should help everybody.


Keily Blackmon

Toyota Troubles

Dear fellow Americans,

I have recently found out about an Asian refugee that came to America for a better life but got sent to jail because he hit and killed two kids in a car by accident. He claims that the brakes in his Toyota got stuck. And this was just before Toyota did a massive recall on most of its cars. But he still went to jail. And to my surprise the one person standing behind him is the grandfather of the children in the car accident. If he can support him then we should, too.

I think that we should boycott the Toyota cars until they let him go free.

Sincerely yours,

Ileana Bell

Just Say No

Dear Fellow Citizens,

I have just heard on the news that teens are using drugs too much. Teens get high off of drugs. I really think this is a problem because they can get sick and die. I think all fellow citizens and I should have a protest and a petition promising all the teens should and never will take or use drugs ever.

I also think Barack Obama should make a law saying teens shouldn’t do drugs at all, until they’re thirty at least. If they do, they should go to jail for 5 or 4 years. Also, I think that we should ban drugs from the stores and the universe. Drugs are bad for health and your life. Drugs are lame.

Marijuana, weeds, and etc. should never grow. NEVER EVER.


Troi Elan Sparks

A Big Problem

Dear fellow citizens,

I want to tell you about a problem. People have to live next to abandoned buildings. It is bad because people should not have to live next to rats and mice. You should get to live next to a nice house not an abandoned house.

Abandoned buildings are bad because I would like to live in a nice neighborhood. A lot of abandoned buildings have broken windows. Also, some have boards over the windows and it is dark inside.


Shayna Deramus

Unfair Things

Dear fellow citizens,

I would like to tell you about something I think is unfair. I think that it’s unfair that homeless people have to sleep outside in the cold with nothing to eat. But rich people get to stay in a big house or have lots of food and stuff to put on every day nice and cute. They get to have lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of money. But homeless people can’t do anything.

So I think that everybody needs to help get people to get up out of the street and to help them eat and to have stuff to put on in the morning cute and all. Just like the rich people have got.


A small fifth grader