Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My fellow citizens,

It has occurred to me that an unfair shooting has happened in our great city of Detroit. Aynna Lee, age 7, was unreasonable shot by the police. When the police came to apprehend a man to joil, for some absurd reason, the police became cocky and started to shoot the house, despite warnings from a neighbor about children in the house. After realizing the shot hit a little girl, the officers rushed into the house. Shortly after, the seven year old died.

This problem can be resolved by police sticking to standard procedure. My sources have told me that the police became cocky because a TV producer was taping them for a TV show. They also threw a grenade in the home, also not standard procedure.


A concerned citizen

BP is not the way to be

Dear fellow Americans,

As you can see there has been a big and dangerous oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. There is oil all over birds. Some things have caught on fire in the water. No one can fish anymore. Fish have died and fishermen have lost their job.

People have to clean out the Gulf of Mexico. It will take a long time to clean it up. People will have to find new jobs. We should go and help try to clean it up so we can do something for the earth. That way BP will have more gas and more people can live in America.

Sincerely your friend,

Pierre V. Blanks

Problems in America

My fellow citizens,

My name is Keily Blackmon, and I am sending you this letter because I want to talk about how America has drugs and alcohol. We also have homeless people.

I want to say that smoking drugs isn’t good for us. It hurts everything around us. And it’s not good for your body. People that use drugs while driving get in car accidents and I think we should help these people. I think we should help everybody.


Keily Blackmon

Toyota Troubles

Dear fellow Americans,

I have recently found out about an Asian refugee that came to America for a better life but got sent to jail because he hit and killed two kids in a car by accident. He claims that the brakes in his Toyota got stuck. And this was just before Toyota did a massive recall on most of its cars. But he still went to jail. And to my surprise the one person standing behind him is the grandfather of the children in the car accident. If he can support him then we should, too.

I think that we should boycott the Toyota cars until they let him go free.

Sincerely yours,

Ileana Bell

Just Say No

Dear Fellow Citizens,

I have just heard on the news that teens are using drugs too much. Teens get high off of drugs. I really think this is a problem because they can get sick and die. I think all fellow citizens and I should have a protest and a petition promising all the teens should and never will take or use drugs ever.

I also think Barack Obama should make a law saying teens shouldn’t do drugs at all, until they’re thirty at least. If they do, they should go to jail for 5 or 4 years. Also, I think that we should ban drugs from the stores and the universe. Drugs are bad for health and your life. Drugs are lame.

Marijuana, weeds, and etc. should never grow. NEVER EVER.


Troi Elan Sparks

A Big Problem

Dear fellow citizens,

I want to tell you about a problem. People have to live next to abandoned buildings. It is bad because people should not have to live next to rats and mice. You should get to live next to a nice house not an abandoned house.

Abandoned buildings are bad because I would like to live in a nice neighborhood. A lot of abandoned buildings have broken windows. Also, some have boards over the windows and it is dark inside.


Shayna Deramus

Unfair Things

Dear fellow citizens,

I would like to tell you about something I think is unfair. I think that it’s unfair that homeless people have to sleep outside in the cold with nothing to eat. But rich people get to stay in a big house or have lots of food and stuff to put on every day nice and cute. They get to have lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of money. But homeless people can’t do anything.

So I think that everybody needs to help get people to get up out of the street and to help them eat and to have stuff to put on in the morning cute and all. Just like the rich people have got.


A small fifth grader

Police Problems

Dear fellow citizens,

There is a problem I want to speak to you all about—the distrust of the police. An example is the shooting of a 7 year old girl. And the police not showing up at emergencies at times you really need them. You want to trust the police because you need someone to protect you.

I believe we should talk to the mayor and tell him to do his job and take care of the police. We are the people and we should stop these problems.

Sincerely Yours,

Noah Butler

Too Many Places

Dear fellow citizens of America,

There is a problem: too many people are poor in Detroit and too many places are burned down. I think the people should do something about it. Plus there’s too much trash in the street. My idea is to try to gather up a lot of people to help clean.

With burned down houses, I think we should throw the wood inside a bin to keep the streets clean. Plus, keep a nice neighborhood. Too many people live next to burned up houses.

With poor people, I think we should take them to the police and see if they want to help them or give them a home to stay in for a little while.


Kyree Vinson

A Call for Change

My Fellow Americans,

My name is Stasarahmy Haynes. I am very upset about my, well our, economy. It is very upsetting to me—no health care, people taking drugs, and many other things, too.

The first thing I don’t like is the little girls and boys are not anywhere near their parents. My next thing is how a lot of people can’t find a job. My last thing, even though there are many more things, is that there are people on the street selling drugs.

This is very important to me. We should all get together and help—like write a letter to the governor or march around places. You could also sing songs and mail them.

These things should be changed and I don’t know about you but I am going to change it and there IS going to be a change this year and at this time.

Stasarahmy Haynes

An Idea

Dear Fellow Citizens,

I would like to tell you about a problem going on in our world. The problem is abandoned homes. Abandoned homes are a problem because the drug dealers, gangsters, killers, and kidnappers go and fill the houses and do what they do.

Abandoned houses should be given to innocent poor people. Or they should tear them down. Instead of leaving them there to rot and mold.

We could all help and give money to pay rent for the poor to live in them. Or we could volunteer and help drive the tractors and other machines and tear these abandoned buildings down.


A fifth grader with an idea

Trouble in the Gulf of Mexico

Dear Citizens,

As you know there was an incident in the Gulf of Mexico. An explosion happened and oil is spilling all over the Gulf. The fishermen will have to get a new place to fish. Many of the animals died. The animals will need to find a new place to live because of this brutal incident. We should get homes for some of the animals so they can still live. We should sign a petition so people can see that we care.

I think this is bad and I hope the animals can stay alive.

Michael Sims

Abandoned Houses

Dear Fellow Citizens,

The problem that I’m having is that people are living on the street and living in abandoned houses. I don’t think it’s fair. I think you should do something about that.

I think you should start a boycott because it’s not fair to those people that don’t have a house and don’t have a TV, and don’t have anything to sleep on but the hard floor. The people who live in abandoned houses, I don’t think it’s fair to them because they have nothing to do. All they have to do is go to sleep. That can’t even do that because they have to sleep on the hard floor.

What do you think about that? Do you think we should start a boycott? I think so.

Sincerely Yours,

Justin Adams

Justice In the Gulf

As you know, there has been an oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. That is bad for the fishermen. All this is because of an explosion that happened. A lot of animals are not going to have a home. The Gulf of Mexico is going to be destroyed. The leak is still probably leaking. The fishermen are going to have to find new jobs. The fish are going to die.

We need to protest about this problem. People are trying to help the animals from getting sick. People are working to help the animals. People are giving their spare time to help the animals.

I am so mad. Me and my class are trying to do what we can do. What we can do is write a strongly worded letter to convince the press, the president and the government. I think this is unfair to the animals because they are not going to have a home anymore. The fish are going to die under all of that oil. This is bad. We have to do something about this so the animals can have a home to live in. Let’s get involved so the problem can get solved.

Sincerely your friend,

Joshua Jewell

Friday, May 28, 2010

Spill In Gulf Of Mexico

oil spiill

dear fellow citizens,

I've learn that it is a BP oil spill. It is bad because people can't fish or the marines can't get on the golf.
we should send a letter to the prendest that we should do something. I know that people to help. I will make a petition so i can sent it to the prendest.

so if you want to fish and go on the beach then you need to help me. we should sue BP for what they did and make then clean it all up.

go to letters for justice. blogger .com

good by
noah ward

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Child Labor

Jimmy, how would you like to be the child in Child Labor? Do you think you would like to wear a diaper, when you old enough to wear underwear? Probably not. Would you like to eat dirt with your coffee? Probably not.

Then don't do it to other children! Mr.Curran's class thinks your a Jerk for using your ideas for there products. Then making Innocent children make there products. So we will try to do every thing we can to get those kids out of there. Then see how you feel. The cops wont come down to Cobo del Cobo. So i trying to get my people to pursued you to stop creating Child Labor.

Sincerely your use to be friend,
Tayia and Angela

Don't do it

Dear Jimmy Jimereeno,

How could you do this to little kids. What did they ever do to you. We thought you liked children. They have a family to be with. Why would make kids eat dirt that is so mean. At least let the family see their kids. How could you tricked kids into working.

You used to be a kid to just if your life was horrible that doesn't mean you have to make theirs to you can stop making kids work. if you let the kids go now that would be very nice of you.

Jimmy how could you force kids to things they don't want to do you are the most cruel person I've met that is all i have to say to you bye.

sincerely yours the Protest Boy'z

No Jimmy, No 2

Dear Jimmy Jimereno,
I am writing this letter because I want you to know child labor is wrong. The children suffer unreasonable conflicts with you and Mrs. Witherspoon. Please listen to our reasons.
My first reason is that our sources tell us that your children eat coffee beans and dirt. They also tell us that the children wear diapers because you won't allow bathroom breaks. Do you know how SICK that is. Man that's wrong.
My second is the children don't have to kiss you at night. Also, the children don't have to make you a big dinner every night and watch you to eat it. That the unreasonable thing I've heard.

Shame on you Jimmy,
Claire M. Hawthorne
Keily B. Blackmon
Troi E. Sparks
Ileana S. Bell

jimmy we are really mad

Dear, Jimmy Jimereeno

Me and Stasarahmy and my Friend Shayna are very very mad about what we heard about witherspoon boarding school I have heard that you have being feeding kids coffee and dirt. Also you make the kids wear pull-up because they can't go to the bathroom. This is a shame because children should not be treated this way they should go to school, and they should have to go to the bathroom when they have to. And they should get to eat real food. This end our story bye-bye.

The cool

Dear Jimmy,

Please stop torturing the children. I think its foolish to destroy other childhood lives just because yours was horrible.I don't think their parents will like you if they figure it out your doing this to kids.If you continue our foolish at least give the children sugar with the coffee.

I don't think you should do this,you should go to jail for this.If you continue to do this we will protest and have justice and we will get the children to safety and if you don't
give them sugar with the coffee, then I will.
sincerely yours,
Noah b and Justin Adams

Let them Go

Dear Jimmy Jimereeno,

Stop being mean to children! This is unfair to the children. Please just let the see there parents went they want to see them. You should stop this all around Cabo Del Cabo. You were our friend, but betrayed us. We thought you were your friend. You really changed.

One reason we believe this because this is unfair. Let the children free and stop making them eat dirt and coffee. Children should be able to do what are told. Not every single thing. And let kids have fun.

Second reason we thing believe this is because the parents can see their kids. The parents can't hug there kids. That is just really cold Jimmy.

Joshua and Alex

Child Labor

Dear Jimmy,
In the previous weeks I have heard that you are treating kids badly. Your making them wear diapers and make them eat raw coffee with out the sugar. They are also working in factories and not getting paid. So what if you were in child labor, how would you feel?

Jimmy you should let the children out because they didn't do anything to you. These kids might have did something wrong but they didn't harm you.

How would you feel if you reputation would be bad from treating kids bad? Nobody would like you everyone will hate you.

Sincerely yours,
Mike and Noah