Thursday, May 27, 2010

Child Labor

Dear Jimmy,
In the previous weeks I have heard that you are treating kids badly. Your making them wear diapers and make them eat raw coffee with out the sugar. They are also working in factories and not getting paid. So what if you were in child labor, how would you feel?

Jimmy you should let the children out because they didn't do anything to you. These kids might have did something wrong but they didn't harm you.

How would you feel if you reputation would be bad from treating kids bad? Nobody would like you everyone will hate you.

Sincerely yours,
Mike and Noah


  1. Mike and Noah -- GREAT points! I like how you asked him how HE would feel if he were a child laborer, pointed out that they never did anything to him, AND mentioned what these actions will do to his reputation.

    Jimmy needs to start thinking of the future, how treating people unfairly will look to others, and what will happen to his life because of it!