Thursday, May 27, 2010

The cool

Dear Jimmy,

Please stop torturing the children. I think its foolish to destroy other childhood lives just because yours was horrible.I don't think their parents will like you if they figure it out your doing this to kids.If you continue our foolish at least give the children sugar with the coffee.

I don't think you should do this,you should go to jail for this.If you continue to do this we will protest and have justice and we will get the children to safety and if you don't
give them sugar with the coffee, then I will.
sincerely yours,
Noah b and Justin Adams


  1. I think Justin and Noah B. is right. SAVE THE CHILDREN!!!

  2. I think that everybody should help the children!!

  3. The children are our future. We HAVE AN OBLIGATION as a society to look out for them, so they can grow up to be educated leaders of our world!